Four Solenoids being triggered simultaneously

Hey guys, this is my second post here on this topic but got a bit more information this time round. So as you can see in the video below, I am trying to create a circuit that allows four solenoids to be triggered simultaneously from an arduino uno. (I'm using pduino to send the messages, as simultaneous loops in the arduino environment are a bit over my head!)

I'm using a 12v 1A power supply through a buck/boost module where I have set the circuit to 12v 6A (enough to power 4x 12v 1A solenoids simultaneously). Shown on the first video link the amp reading on the buck/boost converter is 0.190-0.210 - does this mean the converter actually isn't providing 6amps like I thought?

the circuit works fine when I use two9v batteries on the second smaller breadboard.

My ideas for why this isn't working: 1.) Breadboards/wires won't carry that amount of current? (the plan is once this is testing to build the next prototype on veroboard as i'm aware passing 6amps through a breadboard is not a great idea 2.) Using a 12v 1A power supply through the buck boost simply can't ramp up to 6amps in time - perhaps I need a power supply with a greater number of amps 3.) Perhaps something to do with the wiring from the power supply to each of the breadboards? I would love to provide a circuit diagram but I don't think i'd be able to do it yet. I have instead attached pictures of the board in as much detail as possible 4.) Do I need a capacitor?

I have also bought a 4 way relay that may make my life easier but would prefer to use individual transistors as it would allow me to experiment with pwm

Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks guys Alex

Before anyone bothers answering this I have been made aware that I can't magically generate more amps from a power supply that only outputs 1 - silly me! - sorted now!

A big capacitor can hold enough current for a solenoid. For example 1000uF or 4700uF for one 1A solenoid. The solenoid can stay activated with a lower voltage or lower current. That has however major consequences. The capacitor must be charged before the solenoid can be activated again. Each solenoid should have it’s own circuit that does not influence other solenoids, and the charging of the capacitor must be limited to avoid that the charging current lowers the original voltage.

A stronger power supply is easier.

A breadboard and high currents don’t go well together. You should also avoid that high current can go through the Arduino board.

A circuit diagram or schematic can be a photo of a hand drawn picture.
Look at this video at 8:00 : EEVblog #392 - 555 LED PWM Hack - YouTube
The ‘DaveCad’ is just a hand drawn picture and everyone is okay with it.