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This is your assignment. Why should anyone else do it for you ?

Do you know how to turn on a single LED ?

your teacher is not forcing you to do anything. If you don’t want to learn, don’t do the exercise and accept the consequences…

There are zillions of tutorials on how to turn on a LED…

That circuit won’t do anything - even with code… which you haven’t specified…

The LEDs aren’t connected to anything.

If you want full-on help/contribution without actually doing the work, there’s another forum category - Gigs & Collaborations, where you can pay a nominal amount to get work done. Sometimes for free.

paying is not the solution. Studying is.

Start by reading this (or this one) and running the example

Notice that an output pin needs to go to a resistor then to the + side of the LED (the long lead is called the Anode) and then the other lead (cathode) needs to go to GND. In your drawing the cathode are not connected to anything (GND) so nothing will happen and double check that the wires coming out of the pins are actually entering the resistor

Did you start the Arduino IDE already?
if YES, than post your draft sketch to find a way to help you. :slight_smile:

Quite honestly I don’t believe you. I used to lecture at a university and have herd this line from students “trying it on” when I knew it was not true.

Indeed, I’m sure the teacher gave homeworks, stuff to read and to practice with.

if by “our teacher don#t help us anything” OP means the teacher is not giving the solution or not answering questions that are answered in the homework then the teacher is right… Do the homework, take control of your knowledge, work harder and don’t expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter…

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