Fritzing part for Nano 33 BLE Sense


I’m looking for recommendations to locate a Fritzing part for the Nano33 family. Is there any recommendation besides preparing my own (too difficult for me!) for any Nano33. I tried it for some other hard-to-find parts and got myself into twisted knots.

I need to document my assembly as well as perhaps source the prototype PCB to a manufacturer.

I understand that the question should have been directed at the Fritzing forum but I have drawn a blank there already. There is a Nano V3 part in the Fritzing library but I was hoping for a more specific part that I could leverage. Many thanks for your suggestions.

Kind regards.

I found a Fritzing part available for sale here:while it's not free it is accurate and looks nice.

For what it's worth, I'm not affiliated with or sponsored by Elektronica Voor Jou: just a fellow Nano BLE sense and Fritzing user :).

If you go the store page on the Arduino website and look for the Nano 33 Sense board

then just click on the documentation tab you will find the Fritzing part listed.

Thank you, @gerrikoio! I guess I didn’t do my homework as usual and opted for a reflex action. Sorry!

Your guidance solved my request. Thanks again.

Kind regards.