full manual for the EGBT-045MS (HC-05) bluetooth module

i think this is the right section for this...

what i'm wondering is does anyone know where the datasheet is for the EGBT-045MS bluetooth module? Specifically i'm looking for pin-out and pcb layout information. im looking to add this to a project PCB im creating, but dont have a module yet to measure.

online i only found this: https://cdn.instructables.com/ORIG/FQ1/CUVZ/HXA9PUVQ/FQ1CUVZHXA9PUVQ.pdf

but figured that since lots of people here use this module someone might have the information i need.

if you want to suggest an alternative module to use im very open to suggestion :slight_smile:


Well, I have to laugh... The data sheet you link to is about the best I have ever seen. It would seem that the only thing missing is the picture below. I guess that is what you want.
Bare board DIMS HC-05.jpg

Bare board DIMS HC-05.jpg

thank you!

i know its a great datasheet and their is lots of information online about this, but i seriously spent a half hour looking for that image lol. thanks.