need help to identify Bluetooth Module

hi, i hope i can get help here, i pulled this module from a bluetooth car hands free device (Supertooth one), and it has solderpoints all round it, see pic:

its labeled as btmm3c2xxv13 butt hat yealds nothing on google…

only pin i have identified so far has been the antenna (as marked)

Not sure... probably a custom PCB. The chip of the left ("csr") is the bluetooth module, the other one (spansion) is the flash memory, probably for configuration stuff and such.


well i got that much X3

what i am really after is a possible pinout for it, its gonna be hard to try and work that out from the pcb it was on, will post images of it later..

Anything on the flip side? I'm thinking this could be a custom PCB, therefore there would be no pinouts or datasheets available...

flip side:

Yep. No markings, so most likely custom. If you want bluetooth, get a premade and tested one from a commercial outlet like sparkfun or little bird.


well i have identified the usb, grounds, antenna, and wat i beleve to be the uart rx/tx pins,
still working on it wen i got time, but hopefully if im successful and others find these units i hope to have documented the pinouts or at least a starting point to at least get them going.