GAMEDUINO - How to Make an Arduino GAME BOY

The 90 seconds documentary is here

Gameboy is not that popular in the Mobile Internet era, however I still wanted to build one of my own from scratch.

In this project, I bought an Arduino Micro, a Joystick module, a 4-in-1-button module, and some translucent screws from Alibaba, and enclosure with a MagicMouse case from Apple. You also need a glue gun, solder and other handy tools like Dremel, and of course some innovation together with programming as well.

The final accomplishment is called Gameduino (Game + Arduino), together a Flappy Bird game.

I also plan to build a game platform based on the hardware, so you can develop and upload your own game to the Gameduino.

Please visit my Github for more details.