DIY Your GAMEBOY with OLED SSD1306 (I2C Version)

90 seconds video is here

Gameboy is not that popular in the Mobile Internet era, however I still wanted to build one of my own from scratch.

In this project, I bought an Arduino Micro, a Joystick module, a 4-in-1-button module, and some translucent screws from Alibaba, and enclosure with a MagicMouse case from Apple. You also need a glue gun, solder and other handy tools like Dremel, and of course some innovation together with programming as well.

The final accomplishment is called Gameduino (Game + Arduino), together a Flappy Bird game.

I also plan to build a game platform based on the hardware, so you can develop and upload your own game to the Gameduino.

Please visit my Github for more details.

Hi HenryLi, And congratulations for this work !!! Very nice !!!