Garming GPS Hacking


Has anyone managed to hack a Garmin handheld GPS in order to extract data or send data please? I'm not interested in sending or retrieving routes, but single data blocks, i.e. retrieving what my current position is, or sending it a position as a "go to" point. I've Googled, but not found anything yet.

I can do it with a separate GPS module and electronic digital compass, but since the user will have a GPS anyway, it would be convenient to use the one they already have.

Any help or pointers much appreciated by this Arduino newbie.



Somewhere on the board, the NMEA data from the GPS chipset to the main CPU are brought out on a set of test connections. You can tap it there and do whatever you want with an Arduino.

// Per.

If there are any test leads/connection sockets left out on the PCB board which I think would be there if they really want to do some debugging then you can tap onto the data but still you have to see to it that what sort of a protocol is used there!

Take apart the unit (watch the VERY delicate FFC cable on the display!)

Remove the EMI shields (metal cans with flat lids) - Take some good, sharp pictures of the board inside (using the Macro setting (looks like a flower)

On most newer Garmin units, there are screws under the bottom sticker. It will be impossible to take the unit apart without removing these.

// Per.