Gathering information from RC Receiver


I was trying to get information from a 6 channel RC receiver and failed and was wondering if anyone could help me.

I have a RC receiver and I want to get information about each of the channels.

First I was just trying to get it using pulseIn function but I could get any results so I started searching the forum. None of the solutions works for me so I was wondering that maybe I'm doing something completely wrong or maybe there is something wrong with the receiver.

First of all when I am connecting servos directly to the receiver they seem to be doing random small movements - it doesn't look like my RC transmitter has any affect on them. Is this normal?

If the receiver has outputs for every channel shouldn't I just check each channel with a pulseIn function or do I somehow have to decode it?

This is the first major problem that I have encountered using Arduino. Rest of the thing I do (servos, motors, accelerators and so on) seem to be working well.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this problem

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I did couple of searches before posting but couldn't get any of the solutions to work. That's why I was wandering that maybe I am doing something wrong at the very start.

Is there a way to check of the receiver is working correctly?

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But as I wrote in the first post, when I connect servo directly to the receiver it does some small random movement but I cannot see any link to the movement on my transmitter.

Just in case, my receiver looks like that:

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Have you got paired crystals?

Yes, I got them from a RC heli which works just fine (I'm using the same transmitter only different receiver).

From the same mfr, for the same band and modulation scheme?