gear source

One of the projects I'm currently working on is a small (housed within 4"dia. x 8" PVC) solar tracker. It's been idle for weeks for lack of drive components. I have an old Power Wheels motor and gearbox and might use gears from that. I've spent hours searching the net looking for a source of these robust gears but haven't found a source for a good selection at good prices. Any ideas? - Scotty



A slightly different alternative can be found at MicroMark. It's a catalog/online hobby store specializing in tools, equipment, and materials for model railroading and other miniature modelling pursuits (e.g. model ships, cars, planes, tanks, etc...). Instead of gears, could also use miniature sprockets and chains. They also have small gearboxes in there Robotics Components section. offer a truly amazing range of gears at reasonable prices (hobbyist) or (professional)

Mims, Fl.

Thank you all for your replies. Unfortunately, I couldn't justify the cost of two gears from any of those sources when considering shipping since I have to spend my money frugally. I did, however, find an inexpensive source, Jake's Flea Market. - Scotty