Gearbox motor and Arduino Pro Mini Control

Currently I have a gearbox motor from Hobby Zone.

See the link posted
(In case the link is down it is product HBZ4930)

So far I have been unsuccessful with Arduino Pro Mini (16 MHz version) to send PWMs through respective pins to move the motor. Although sending the PWMs do make the motor “sing” for every analogWrite I send to either pin that attaches to the motor.

The problem I am having is as you can see from the link very little information exists about this motor and I am unsure why the PWM pins are not driving the motor.

My only guess is that I may need to make an H-Bridge from my 3.3V onboard supply to drive the motor. But this motor is so small I don’t see how it could possibly draw more current than the pins can provide.

Your help is truly appreciated. The schematic is attached (Note the motor is not to scale)

The digital pins max out at 40mA. If you want your arduino to last, it's recommended that you keep to half that or less. That motor (and pretty much any other) will draw far more than that.

That motor (and pretty much any other) will draw far more than that.

Apparently even the tiny vibrators in mobile phones draw too much....

There's only one way to find out: hook up an ammeter.

Then I suppose my next question is how exactly do I come up with this H-Bridge without any knowledge of the gearbox motor where no data sheet exists.

You only need an h-bridge if you need direction control, otherwise a simple transistor should do.

But I'd say first step is to measure the current it draws.