General strategy for using the ATMega328

Hi, I'm an Arduino noob and have a basic question: What is the typical approach to deploying the ATMega chip? Do you just incorporate the eval boards directly into your project, or do you put the chip in with the necessary components to make it work? Thx

Oh cool. That's a great link thanks.

I'd still like to know what the general approach is. Do most people just buy the boards and bolt them directly into their projects or buy the bits separately?


Hi, Really a personal decision.

IF you need absolute lowest cost and are making a number of the same thing, you MAY be able to save by using the plain 328 chip plus crystal, capacitors and a resistor. Then you need a separate USB-serial programming adapter.

Or get a Pro Mini copy for $6 like THIS:

If you want easy USB programming but small size try a Nano copy like THIS:

But at $16 for full featured Arduino Derivative boards like THIS: you may find that a better approach.

See: THIS: about "Connecting Stuff".

DISCLAIMER: Mentioned stuff from my own shop... but these type boards are widely available on Ebay, Amazon , Sparkfun etc.

Awesome. Thanks for that :)

This version has ICSP pins