ATMega Programmer

Hey there!
I've been trying to use the atmega328 for a project without using the arduino uno, I found that I can use an atmega ISP programmer to write the program in Arduino IDE, but when I try to do this, it won't let me use it without the arduino board. How can I use the programmer to program the atmega328? Thanks!
PS: I've downloaded the driver for the programmer too.

Do you have the components for the '328P that the Uno uses?
16 MHz crystal and two 22pF caps, or a 16MHz resonator?
0.1uF caps on VCC, AVCC, and AREF?
10K resistor from Reset to VCC?

Yes, I have all of them

Generally something of a foolish enterprise.

The Pro Mini is a fully assembled module with all you need and just a couple of things you don't, mostly the pilot LED and the feeble voltage regulator (Well it may or may not be feeble in itself, but it has almost no heatsink on the PCB.)

The UNO is a really impractical assembly, suitable only for mating with a matching "shield", but realising that does not imply you need to "roll your own" - the Pro Mini (clone) is cheap (generally cheaper than the the parts manifest) and is in a very practical form that you can simply add as a "daughterboard" to your own PC. With the USB interface not included, you just use a separate USB interface board when you program it and disconnect that when you do not.

Bit confused as to exactly what you are doing .
If you google “minimal Arduino “ you should find some guides to follow and should spot where you are going wrong .

Start by uploading blink and getting that working .

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