genuino zero and arduino M0 pro

Hi what is the difference between a genuino zero and an arduino M0 pro, it has the same specifications, if i wrote a program for the M0 pro just swap it with the genuino zero and place the code on that instead

The project im working on is a device that measures the resistance of cables and it will mark them as pass if its within a certain range, the arduino im using is used to power a adafruit thermal printer and a LCD with I2C module


The answer was already given in your other thread:

Hi apple582,

The Arduino M0 Pro and the Arduino/Genuino Zero are pretty much identical, except that the digital pins D2 and D4 are reversed and the Arduino/Genuino Zero has an additional GPIO pin, named ATN next to IOREF.

Therefore, if you're not using register level programming on D2 and D4, it's possible to use the Arduino/Genuino Zero as a plug-in replacement.

Also, the two boards use different bootloaders, however as both boards have an on-board programmer in the form of the EDBG chip, it's possible upload your bootloader of choice from the Arduino IDE. Again this shouldn't be an issue.

Currently the main problem with the Arduino/Genuino Zero is availability. There are alternatives though, such as Adafruit's Metro M0, (although no EDBG chip) and the faster Metro M4.