Gesture recognition from accelerometer data

This fall I'd like to work on a project using an Arduino Pro Mini (5V / 16mHz) and an accelerometer attached to a glove that can detect gestures you make with your hand (right now I just want simple straight-line movements).

Has anyone done something similar or come across some documentation like this? I don't want to steal anyone's work, I just want to see how other people may approach the problem.

I'm thinking right now of having a bend sensor or fabric switch mounted on the glove so that when you make a fist the Arduino ignores accelerometer data. When you open your hand and move it the Arduino could try to determine the vector indicating which direction the hand was moved and how fast.

The next part is turning that vector data into usable gesture data, which is something I will experiment with. I will initially try to have my Arduino recognize gestures and output (via XBee) simple gesture events to my PC for processing (should save on CPU utilization on my PC). If that doesn't perform well I'll just output straight accelerometer data to my PC and have it decipher the gestures.

So has anyone tried something similar?