Getting a 200mhz - 900 mhz RF receiver

I need to do a project, wich consists of receiving every RF data in 200-900 mhz frequency. Is this a possible task? When i search for RF receivers, all i find are single frequency ones. I'm currently using ESP32 microcontroller.
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Can you tell us what you mean by 'RF data' and why you want\need to receive it ?

By data i mean any string sent through a RF transmitter that has a frequency between 200-900 mhz. I have multiple transmitters with different frequencies in this range and i need to receive from all of them in 1 receiver only, that's why i need a receiver that can handle information from 200 to 900 mhz frequency.

Much more information is required, describe the project and provide links to what devices you are actually using.

You may understand what you mean by 'RF transmitter' but there are many different types of 'RF transmitter' with different moudulation methods and protocols and the forum cannot know what you are using.

There is no universal RF receiver (for Arduino) that will cover all the possibilities.

As an asside, its unlikley you actually need a receiver to cover 200Mhz to 900Mhz since the frequencies you are allowed to transmit on will be restricted to a limited number of bands.

start by looking at the HC-12 433 mhz transceiver. it is an RF module with many configuration options.

correction: start by saying where you live, and what agency administers radio frequencies there.

I am not sure why you need such a receiver for an Arduino. They are cheap and easy for a PC using the USB and SDR software. This is what I am refering to.

The range of frequencies includes all television frequencies, most all cell phone frequencies, military aircraft communications, railroad train control frequencies, radio amateur frequencies in some parts of the world, and many others, I am sure.

Please expand on why you need such a device.


Most SDRs (Software Defined Radios) cover that range and quite a bit more. They are not intended for Arduino, of course.


he could be trying to make a spectrum analyzer.

The OPs question is difficult to understand.
If the question is that is it possible to receive any data transmission between 200 Mhz and 900 Mhz and demodulate the data regardless of when the transmission occurs the answer is no.
If the OP knows the frequency that the transmitter will use and when it transmits and also knows the data and modulation type , then its possible but not easy.
It would be far better to solve the problem by not having transmitters on a multiplicity of frequencies.

I suspect the OP has realized the futility of his project and will never be heard from again.


I'm developping transmitters and receivers, with FM-modulation in the VHF-spectrum (140 - 180MHz), which is controlled by an arduino. By this I have many efforts to design the RF-circuit, e.g. the suitable filters based on frequencies, the suitable impedance and never the less to fight against electromagnic dust from digital pulses. Therefore I'm interrested of your sophisticated project to develop a receicer of an spectrum from 200 - 900 MHz with many modulation types in this spectrum.