Getting BMM150 Data through BMI160


I am currently working one the BMI160/BMM150 Shuttle Board with an Arduino UNO. I use the library from hanyazou to get the BMI160 data trough 4-wire SPI Communication and it works well.

But I’d like to access to the data from the magnetometer as well. I have searched a long time on Internet but no one seems to have done it for Arduino. So i decided to work on it, based on the library from hanyazou. I add almost every fonction i thought of in order to make it work, i add all the register adress needed and i’ve configurate them to initalize the second interface as the magnetometer, however it is not working yet.

So if you guys could lend me a hand to help me find what is not working i’ll be more than happy !

You can find my work on this github repo :
the repository is still fresh but i already spent long hours on the code so i might be a bit messy, i need to organized it. Sorry for that !

Thanks for reading !

Hello all,

A simple up to say that I resolved my issue and now the library is working just fine to get data from the BMM150 through the BMI160 !

If you need to use the library feel free to do so !

Hello all,

I am using the same shuttle board (BMI160).I am able to read the accelerometer and gyro datas using SPI primary interface, however the magnetometer is not getting powered up. I have also connected the jumpers J202 and J203 along with J206 and J207. Is that correct? Any more connections required explicitly for interfacing with magnetometer.

Please guide me on this!