Getting error in MKRVIDOR4000_top.v file after adding counter scheme code to it

HI, I'm following Philipe's Mkr vdr4000 FPGA tutorial
but I get an error during compiling that I'm missing a ')' after oscillator in the lines of code that i'm supposed to add add I add them above that line. Though I did try below it too. No difference. I even tried putting in a parenthesis after oscillator and before it and around it . Just got different errors. I don't see where a parenthesis is missing

add the following lines ( above reg [5: 0] rRESETCNT; ):

TUTO_Schematic TUTO_Schematic_inst
.iLEDCLK (wOSC_CLK), // The clock input is connected to the internal 80Mhz
.oLED oscillator (bMKR_D [6]) // The LED output is connected to pin 6 of the MKR port

Error (10170): Verilog HDL syntax error at MKRVIDOR4000_top.v(166) near text: "oscillator"; expecting ")". Check for and fix any syntax errors that appear immediately before or at the specified keyword. The Intel FPGA Knowledge Database contains many articles with specific details on how to resolve this error. Visit the Knowledge Database at and search for this specific error message number.

and I have no idea why. It compiles fine without it, but of course in order for the counter to work to blink the led it needs to be there.


Hello Daryl,

there is no word 'oscillator' in my tutorial.

Correct code is

TUTO_Schematic TUTO_Schematic_inst
.iLEDCLK(wOSC_CLK) , // L’entrée d’horloge est reliée à l’oscillateur interne 80Mhz
.oLED(bMKR_D[6]) // La sortie LED est reliée à la broche 6 du port MKR

In case you have change the name iLEDCLK or oLED in your schematic, you also have to change it here.
But if don't just write .oLED(bMKR_D[6])


Hi Philippe, I thought oscillator was odd begin in there, but even when I removed it I get another error.
I didn't change the names of the input or output

Error (13076): The pin "bMKR_D[6]" has multiple drivers due to the non-tri-state driver "TUTO_Schematic:TUTO_Schematic_inst|lpm_counter:inst|cntr_83g:auto_generated|counter_reg_bit[25]"

Also I just noticed on this site. where your tutorial is located the word oscillator is not there.
But it is there on the other link I posted
Ohhh I see why its there. When I use google translate it adds it. . When I don't it doesn't add it. Though I still don't know why I'm getting that error when I compile it without the word oscillator. My schematic diagram looks correct

To check your code vs mine, you can find source code for part 1 of the tutorial here :

All source codes in relationship with my blog are available here :

Do not hesitate to directly contact me with the blog contact form if you still have problems.

Hi Philippe thank you!
that helped
The issue was and its stupid

When I was trying a different tutorial, before I came across yours that I couldn’t get to work at all, it had a user.v file that is called from their MKRVIDOR4000_top.v file version
I’m not sure how I had these in the project file as I thought I created a new project and started from scratch
So I removed the user.v from the project list and the `include “user.v” line

Thanks again!