Getting Linux terminal working with Arduino.

I found a solution in this article, to use cu that yes my system had to get-apt


Simple communication using 'cu' in Linux (tested in Ubuntu 10.04 LTE)

I did get back and forth from my Uno as ACM0. Starting to look at color VT emulators.

I like minicom - especially the fact that when you close a session all the output from it remains in the terminal window and I can scroll back and read it.


That sounds nice. I remember the name from long ago.

My main interest is in screen-oriented user interface with instant key sends as opposed to a line-entry, line output interface.

Screen-oriented interface allows the user to see whole records of data at once and edit at need while browsing files.
Screen-oriented interface allows game maps to stay in place while only symbols needing to change, change.

Will minicom give me cursor positioning? ------------------ edit: looks so, but might need a terminal.....
Only some Linux terminals allow what I want anyway.

I believe mincom will mimic a VT100 - but I have never had any need to do so.


I paid a lot of bills doing business apps with data entry/edit screens at the user end. For productivity it's ages ahead of scrolled lines just as key entry is ahead of line entry. Good user IO is a minor art form in itself that smooths interactive flow and gets the job done quicker.

With text screens, basic map based games are possible. A terminal that allows custom fonts and color would take that up a step. Arduino can keep up with text.