Getting Started, ERROR: Timed out waiting for Arduino 101

Hi All,

So I got a new Arduino 101 and tried to hook it up per quick start guides, google searches, etc. but have hit a roadblock during the upload phase where the IDE reports "Cannot open DFU device 8087:0aba". ERROR: Timed out waiting for Arduino 101". I believe the problem is with the device driver.

Here is the background. - PC running Windows 7, Arduino 1.6.7 - Tools -> Board: Arduino 101 - Tools -> Port: COM 3 (Arduino 101) - Trying to upload sketch Blink from Examples - Driver Details: Arduino LLC (, 6/15/2015, v1.2.2.0 - Driver manually installed from C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\drivers\arduino.inf and then selected Arduino Uno. There is no 101 or Intel Curie option listed.

After searching on the web for suggestions, I've verified that my path to the bin file does not contain spaces, and I've also tried both hardware resets to no avail.

Update: I installed the Arduino IDE on another laptop also running Windows 7 and this time the installation was able to auto-detect a device driver as part of the Tools -> Board -> Boards Manager -> Intel Curie installation. This time its using the driver Arduino 101 Serial Monitor from Intel.

The Blink example is running!

Now I have to figure out how to get my dev computer to use those same drivers???