Getting started with Arduino and XBee

I am getting started and have a project feasibility I would like to prove on the bench with XBee interfaced with an Arduino board.

Could someone check that the components I have picked out make sense and I will be able to practically use together?

Looking at hooking up two sets of XBee and Arduino so they can transmit data to each other, with one possibly interfaced with a RS232 device and the other a usb device or computer.

So far I have these bits picked out for getting me going as a starter kit. And looking for confirmation that yes they can be made to work with each other. I can handle learning the programming, wiring, testing that comes with it. I have software and electronics as a background but no experience with Arduino and XBee.

Or if there are other components I should be looking at?

XBee Dev Kit

Arduino Board Mini

Arduino Starter Kit

Arduino USB Host Shield


Arduino Wireless Shield

Will the Wireless shield work with the XBee-Pro XSC S3B Or is it for older versions of the XBee?

If all of this will work any tips on the best tutorials to get them integrated?

The XBee dev kit is overpriced. Two XBees, two shields, and a USB Explorer board can be had for about $125. And, the shields will connect directly to the Arduino.

I am getting started


Arduino USB Host Shield

do NOT belong in the same post.

PaulS: do NOT belong in the same post.

Well if it helps I'm getting started with Arduino, I have programmed other various hardware devices. But the USB connectivity is an end game for me on this, last element to be looked at.

The shields you mention and the price where are these ones posted?

Is the wireless shield in the OP correct? Or use the components below?

SparkFun XBee Shield

SparkFun XBee Explorer Dongle

So can anyone confirm that these parts will be able to work with each other before I go an order them?

SparkFun XBee Shield x2

SparkFun XBee Explorer Donglex2

XBee-PRO 900HP x2

Arduino Board Mini x1 (To see if I can link this to Xbee as well)

Arduino Starter Kit x1

Arduino UNO Rev3 x1

Arduino USB Host Shield x1