GlcD custom font creater software!?

Im using this LCD and wanted to create its fonts using the fontcreater2 software with it but i dnt have the instruction to operate on the files within the download

Anyone Please, im at the final verge to get it completed just the font needs to be worked out.

I was able to make the font but how to retrieve its h file i save it but it gives a file , is that a h file?

I had a look at that font creator but couldn’t do much with it. Open the file in notepad/wordpad and see what it contains, might be able to just rename it .h

Thanks Pyro for getting back help is really appreciated , yes that file was a h file only as i matched the files with fonts in example glcd folder and the outcome export file

inserted the font h file into the sketch, it says size of array is too large , i made a big font with 75 as size, have the header file of font in attachment.

speedo.h (231 KB)

Take a look at that font header file. Do you see anything that looks out of place?
I'll give you a hint: Your display is only 64 pixels tall.

The bigger the font the more flash memory is consumed.
The font you created is HUGE.

It is so large that my guess is that the font data is larger than your entire flash.
Why are you trying to create a font that is so large?
(85 pixels tall and up to 53 pixels wide.)

I have updated the glcd html documentation a bit for the next glcd release
with some additional information about using FontCreator.

To create a font click on [File]->[New Font]
Type in the name of the font in the Name box that says "new Font".
This will be the name you use for the SetFont() api call.
Example: myfont
DO NOT use spaces in the name.
If you do not wish to create an entire font yourself, you can
import a font from one of the system fonts available by choosing a font
from the [Import Font] drop down box.

The size is a font size and not a height in pixels. Because of this
you may have to play with the size a bit to get a font of the desired pixel height
or one that is close to the size you want as not all pixel heights are possible.
@note You can only specify the size of the font when you import it. So
if you decide to change sizes, you must start over by creating a new font and re-importing
the font.

When you are ready to create the .h file simply click on [Export]->[Export Font]
and type in the name of the .h file in the File Name box.
For consistency it is recommended that you name the .h the same as the font name.
Example: myfont.h
DO NOT use spaces in the name.

Hopefully this along with the other information on the
"Using Fonts" html page will help clear things up a bit.

--- bill

As a programmer i do not have the habbit to add spaces while naming stuff i always give a underscore, thanks again for being in too detail i was trying to show the big font in multiple LCD screen for the Time being i was able to create a desired font and load it

Very nice fonts you have on the display. I like them.

So have you hooked up multiple displays and created a larger "virtual display"?
I have done this to create a 128x128 display from two 128x64 displays.
(I think I posted a photo of that in one of the other threads)

The comments about spaces in the documentation are for the less technical/non-programmer
Windows/DOS Arduino users that seem to like to use spaces in their file names.
Most programmers like yourself don't do this.

To save space on the font data you can create font files that are partial fonts or sparse fonts.
A partial font is one that only contains a portion of the full character set.
Partial fonts can start at any character and then have a certain number of characters.

A sparse font is a variable font that has "holes" in it.
In other words you can choose to not define certain characters.
Characters that are eliminated from the data have a width of 0.

--- bill