GLCDBitmap problems using processing sketch


I'm trying to convert a bitmap for use with my arduino glcd. I'm using the processing program "glcdBitmap" that comes with the KS0108 example sketch.

The bitmap is here:

When I try to convert this to keg2.h for use with my arduino I get this stack trace from processing:

Exception in thread "Animation Thread" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1089
at glcdBitmap.getValue(
at glcdBitmap.writeFile(
at glcdBitmap.setup(

Can anyone help me process this bitmap. Is there something wrong with my bitmap or is it a bug with glcdBitmap.pde?

Thank you!

The Processing sketch (and the Arduino library code) assumes that images have a height that is a multiple of 8. If you change the height of your image from 33 to 32 it should work.

I will update the documentation in the next upload to the playground to make this clear.

have fun!

Thank you! This worked perfectly. :smiley: