GND in Arduino Nano


I am new to Arduino Nano. What is the different between the GND pin 29 next to Vin and the GND pin 4 next to the Reset pin.

Thank for the help in advance.

Nothing. The schematics are available on this site, if you want to answer questions like this for yourself.


Since so many things connect to it, a common question here is "how do you connect more than one thing to the ground pin"? Many people would like more ground pins as a matter of convenience!

While there is truth in your statement, I think a more correct answer is the designers wanted to distribute the current .

What, 200 mA too much for one little pin?

It clearly makes practical sense - and certainly is good design - to have a ground terminal paired with the three supply terminals on the one side, and a ground terminal adjacent to the digital outputs on the other.

Since outputs often are referenced to Vcc, there arguably should be a + 5v terminal on the digital side as well, but of course, it is a matter of finding space for all.