good compiler ? macbook pro

Well I wasn't sure where to put this, or even if it fits here, but none the less here it goes. On Slackware I use VI to make a header file. Pretty simple and straight forwards.. but when I am away from home, ( and I haven't yet turned my macbook pro, into a slackbook pro ;) )I am looking for a non bulky compiler... I have xcode but it is a big pain in the left side...too bulky and bloated to build a header file, it puts all the copy write stuff in it, and that is not fair to those pieces of code I did not build. Anyways mac Xcode is not my option for this... though great to build iphone apps, I would like something simple to build a header file with. I actually tried to save a Foo.h in the arduino sketch but it changed it to Foo_h instead. Can anyone suggest a decent little compiler for mac OSX to build small header files and such please? Thanks a lot. I can use text edit, but it is missing some of the nice features, such as indentation, color code and so on. If I gotta copy paste a file then it is find, but for building my own... not so much Thanks again.

Do you mean "text-editor" rather than "compiler"?

That's a matter of personal taste its best not to start a thread about, it will become a religious war. Looking up "text editor" in wikipedia might be a good start.

No i meant compiler, a text editor I can write code in, but if I miss a bracket or semi-colon it won't tell me. I know I can make a Foo.h with textedit/save it, then select the file to open with xcode but that seems like a little bit of an roller coster ride. Any other suggestions?

That's still not a compiler. A compiler makes bytecode from programming code written in text.

I assume you mean editor. Check out eclipse or something along those lines.. I am old so I use emacs.

You can get Xcode to install the native command-line C compiler… (preferences/Downloads ?)
Then you can run vi and gcc from a Terminal or X window, just like on unix.
Or you could install Eclipse.
Or you can use a package manager like Fink to install gcc command-line tools.
I’ve got several EMACS for MacOS; I assume that there is vi and vim available as well.
Or for Arduino code, you can access the avr compilers that are included from the command line, if all you’re doing is syntax checking/etc.

Thanks guys. Emacs... hmn not sure why that slipped my mind. ;)

Well, you DID claim to be a vi user!
A nice feature of Macs is that underneath the GUI, there is a pretty compatible unix system where you can run most normal utilities.