GPS Issue

Hello Everyone,

I am using UBLOX Neo6mv2 GPS Module.
I recently interfaced the module with Arduino Successfully and I am able to extract the Lat/Long information perfectly fine.

Previously I was using an RTC module to time stamp all my data, but since that is inaccurate I want to use the GPS fix for time and date information.

I've ran into a dead end here. I used the following commands from this website: guides:ublox6 [UKHAS Wiki]
to disable all the NMEA sentences. And using the Serial.println("$PUBX,00*33"); command I am able to poll the GPS device for the information. I am unable to turn the NMEA sentences back on. I can't find any command online, even tried to read the protocol data sheet but it kinda went over my head.

The information I get when I poll the device does not contain the date, which I need for my time stamp, whereas the RMC NMEA sentence contains, date, time, lat, long information.

Basically, I want to know how to restore my device to default settings or turn back the NMEA sentences on periodically.

Here is the code used to turn them off:


Would really appreciate if someone could help me find the command to turn the sentences back on.

Thank You,

..tha same guide shows how to reverse the 'stop' command..

I can’t seem to find anything on that guide to reverse it, maybe my mind is just unable to comprehend.

But I did manage to read the whole reference manual and found some propriety commands:

//Position Fix

// Satellite Fix : GT = number of sats

// Time and Day

So I think I will manage get all the data.

But it would be great if you could specifically point out where the reverse to the stop command is given.


Found this:

Reset to Default Settings:
The GPS module can be reset to its original default settings by pulling BOOT_INT high(3.3V) during a power cycle (Antaris Manual, p. 122). It may be required after a wrong firmware upgrade or a bad configuration change.