Graphic LCD Shield with DOGS102 display, keypad and Ethernet/SD compatiblilty

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Now we have modified shield that is compatible with standard Ethernet/SD Shield

Since many people were looking for to use this shield with other SPI shields we decided to modify it

  • Used tall pin headers to provide clearance with tall Ethernet connector
  • Moved CS pin from D10 to D8 to allow Ethernet shiled use D10
  • Moved S1 signal from D4 to D7 to allow SD card use

This shield available over eBay and directly
We also still have original shield if you don’t need Ethernet/SPI shield capabilities

See pictures below

LCD Ethernet SD Shield Combo.JPG

LCD Ethernet SD Shield.JPG

Hello Andy,

by any chance do you sell the PCB only, for the old shield?


Yes, blank PCBs available, check your PM

To guys who are using libraries with this LCD and getting compiler error:

you must define DOGS102 LCD in dogm128.h file as shown below

//#define DOGM128_HW /* uncomment for the DOGM128 display */
#define DOGS102_HW /* uncomment for the DOGS102 display */
//#define DOGM132_HW /* uncomment for the DOGM132 display */

This shield now can be used with Mega2560 and upcoming DOGM library release (1.11) Software SPI used to control display since Mega board SPI pins don't match smaller boards this dispaly designed for.

let me know if you have ant questions.