Graphic LCD shield with EA DOGS102W display

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To guys who are using libraries with this LCD you will need to define DOGS102 LCD in dogm128.h file as shown below

//#define DOGM128_HW /* uncomment for the DOGM128 display */
#define DOGS102_HW /* uncomment for the DOGS102 display */
//#define DOGM132_HW /* uncomment for the DOGM132 display */

Also for better image you may change contrast line:

dog_spi_out(0x008); /* contrast value, EA default: 0x010 */


To people who contacted me about Ethernet/SD compatible shields: We are still waiting for LCD backlights to come, we have everything else includng LCDs themself

So please be patient and we will be back :)

If you don't need Ethernet shield compatability, when standard LCDs are available today.

I also recomend you to check a Chess game written by library developer Oliver Kraus:,50632.0.html

Library ver 1.09 released recently.
It implemented mandatory LCD type selection to prevent incorrect default display selection.

We should have Ethernet capable shields later this week when LCD parts arrive.

If you don’t need Ethernet compatibility, our Standard Shileds are available now from eBay or directly form us.
PM or email me.

Ethernet/SD compatible shields are available now - contact us if you need one.

LCD Ethernet SD Shield Combo.JPG

I actually got this LCD - works great with Arduino Uno

But I have some questions: - can you explain why it can't be used with Mega? - do you have one that works with Mega? - can you have a different backligh color? - can you change backlight brightness?


Arduino Mega has SPI pins in different location and as result LCD shield can't be used as-is But you can remove SCK, MOSI header pins (11 and 13) and use wires to move them to Mega SPI pins PM me if you need more details

Stock Backlight color is amber. White backlight can be used but it is more expensive and we don't use it.

To change backlight brightness you can move bklt_src jumper and enable PWM on pin D6.

We still have few Standard and Ethernet/SD compatable shields if someone needs them.

Last 3 displays are now on-sale (direct or via eBAy). I still have blank PCBs available, but at this point we are not planning to build any more in advance.

Hi All

I have released a new version of the Library for this shield:

The lib supports ST7565 and UC1610 based display types.


This shield now supports Mega2560 with software SPI and next library release 1.11 It is expected to work with any other Mega based boards

The new release v1.11 of the DOGM128 library is now available for download (

As mentioned above, the DOGS102 shield can now be used on the Arduino Mega.