Greenhouse automation


Super newbie so apologies in advance if I am missing anything!

I am looking for an existing Arduino based project that deals with either greenhouse automoation or plant watering. It is the watering of plants I really need to do but I bet there is some flashy project out there, possibly also using a Raspberry Pi that does everything but I cant find it.

Does anyone know of anything suitable. I am not looking to program any of this myself as I am a gardener and DIY type, not a coder, but I am happy to load code onto the Arduino and hack together the components etc.

Super hoping someone can help me out!


You're probably better off posting under gigs and collaborations, especially if you don't want to learn how to code. Google might be helpful if you can find a well documented build. I have code for my greenhouse project, I might be willing to sell you; or you could just dig through the forum and I'm sure you'll find something (if not my code). We very a proactive, pro-learning community ;).

the keys to the kingdom come from google.

arduino plant waterer

just use arduino with google for anything.

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