Newbie Aquaponics System Automation Project.

Hello guys/gals,

I need a little insight and help and some general guidance. I am new to Arduino and this might be a bit over my head for a first project but I either go big or go home lol.

Project concept: Shelf Based Aquaponics System growing herbs and veggies year round indoors.

Monitoring Requirments:

Water Temp
Water Flow 2 Locations
Water Ph
High water Level
Low Water Level

Light Sensor 3 Levels
Ambient Air Temp
Possible Webcam (future addition)

Control Requirements:
6 Water Vales
15 Relays for Different Lighting Configurations (5 per level)
Servo for Fish Feeding
Small pumps for Ph + / - (2 Ch)

So I know I am looking at a Arduino MEGA 2560

The Other sensors not so sure about I need something that can be programmed easily.

I'm also hoping to have a GUI showing all sensors and count downs on the watering vales at the setup. Not sure if a 7" screen on a Pi can be used for this or if it needs to be on the arduino.

Now this is the tricky part. I'm looking to use a rasberry Pi for data logging and webserver to do notification. and need some insight on that cross talk and monitoring. (Also how to get a webpage to display all the data in animated graphics)

I know this is a complex project and i'm way over my head. My plan currently is to get all the sensors and work to implement them one at a time.

If anyone is interested in helping me with development on this I will share all the other build data and design. It's a very compact setup only requiring the foot print of a 4' garage shelving unit. Allowing you to grow year round.

Any input and help with source material to learn would be great.

Thanks Everyone!

HI, I am just starting out on the same project as you.

This is my first night researching what I need to do.

Have you progressed ?

What equipment have you started with ?