Greetings!New to arduino, In need of some help

Hello there! My name Lara. I’m a web/app designer/ and recently started to take
interest in the Hardware world and especially external devices connected to mobile phones.
I discovered the Arduino board while researching for a new project
i take part of. I am a complete novice in everything electronics, and i was
hoping someone here can help me to get some information.
This project involve mostly using the iphone 6 back-camera unit externally through the Arduino board
and back to the iphone using the lighting port(its only a test for an early stage in the project).
I would like to find out if the iphone 6 camera Fpc connector(as shown on the picture)
can be connected directly(or not directly)to the Arduino board, or will it need to connected in some other way?

i appreciate any help or advice giving by you guys.

*We are also looking to recruit people for this project, advanced knowledge in
iphone - Arduino board and cameras is needed, if you are interested, please contact me:)


(No picture.)

Probably not. The Arduino can't do much image processing. 18x18 pixels is a pretty demanding camera for an Arduino. Megapixels are definitely not possible.

(attached the picture this time)

Thanks for your replay. To make this clear, do you mean it is completely impossible or there will be a very poor image quality etc’? I did some research and understood it is possible to do the actual “hard processing” on the iphone itself since it has a much stronger hardware than the arduino.
What do you think? Or is there any other platforms you know of to be compatible for crating
a prototype suitable for iphones?

Sorry for my grammar btw, English isn’t my native language. And thank you again for replying, your help is much appreciated


If you’re suggesting trying to connecting a mobile phone camera directly to an Arduino, forget it - the processor simply isn’t fast enough to handle the data rates from the DSI interface (the camera may have an I2C interface, but that’s simply for control) and even if it were, there’d be nowhere to put the data.