Ground / Copper fill questions (using fritzing)

Hi all,

I am using Fritzing to create my first pcb, worked around 50 hours on this and i really want to send it already!

Didn’t include schematic, i can if needed, it is basically:
1 atmega328+ all necessary ‘equipment’
6 74hc595 shift registers + ceramic capacitors, 1 for each
3 headers for pont. and sensor
16 leds

Not long ago into this design I figured that if i did a ground plane on the bottom and top, and make sure only and all GND connectors will be connected to it, then i won’t need to connect those GND with wire, making my traces better.

Is this correct? Would it be preferable to trace everything AND do this ground fill, or it wouldn’t matter?
Fritzing still shows as they are not connected, is this OK after a correct ground fill? I see when exporting to PDF that they are connected with “black” as being copper…

I noticed Fritzing has troubles connecting some of the items when rotated in 45 degrees or so… doesn’t seem the ground plane is connected with that “tongue”.

I was also wondering how bad are copper “islands”… i have some places in Fritzing where the islands are red, these of course seem just like all the other copper when exporting to pdf for manufacture.

So from what it seems and googled it just shows that this area of copper won’t have any effect on the rest actually…
I guess that’s because they won’t as they aren’t really connected to ground (with that red circle connector)… i included images below, i
this didn’t make sense to me because i have those red circle connectors also with just copper fill which isn’t ground fill (unless copper fill on both layers is also connected with connectors)

thank you!

p.s: i see this isn’t complete and not all GND points are actually connected to the ground plane… yet… :slight_smile: