Grove GSR not stable when other sensor are connected

Hello everyone!
I am using:

  • Arduino Uno connected to PC and simple board
  • Grove Gsr Sensor
  • Infrared sensor (E18-D80NK)
  • Microswitch
  • Neopixel strip 144 leds (DC5V WS2812B ECO RGB)
  • Neopixel strip 5 leds (obtained cutting the one above)
  • Universal plug: AC/DC Input: 100-240 V 0,25 A 50/60 Hz / output DC: 3 V / 4,5 V / 5 V / 6 V / 7,5 V / 9 V / 12 V.

Everything works but GSR gives problem when Infrared (and the smaller strip) are connected.
Can be a solution to bring current to one of the two side of the board thanks to the external power supply and connect there everything but gsr?

Thank you!