GSM SIM900D Interfacing with Arduino UNO

Hello to all experts!

I am very new to this forum. This is my first post. I have read statements before posting here but if I make any mistake then kindly ignore that.

I have project for my university. And I want a connection diagram of how to interface the GSM sim900D module with Arduino UNO board. Is there any thing available ?

Thank you very much.

Have you tried Google?

About 13,900 results for SIM900D + Arduino

Have you tried the forum search? Top right hand corner of the screen? There has been some discussion about it in the past.

Yes, I tried google. But it doesn't show any atmega328 interfacing with sim900d.

And I tried above search too. I found result but mostly there are programming problems. Even I found one link too but that picture was deleted by the owner of the question. So I am hand to mouth now. That's why I preferred this forum.

thank you.

Dude, Its just 3 wires, most of the time. They are: 1) Tx pin 2) Rx pin 3) Common ground Lastly One more Pin, if your Module has reset pin or Power Pin you have to connect it also.

If you are using Arduino’s in built libraries, then its Arduino's PIN2 to Modules Tx and Arduino's PIN3 to Modules Rx. Connect the wires, burn any GSM example in Arduino IDE and test it!!