Guidance on electronics required for a light Gun Project

Hi all,

I am hoping I can get someone to help me with the exact wiring I need to achieve this project. I have spent the last few weeks getting the right components in and learning what I need to in order to create the gun.

Would someone kindly mind checking over what I have done and assist in any of the connection changes I will need to make in order to make this work.

This project has been done previously by someone else and they had the electronics diagram shown in the black image. As I don’t understand fully what it is im doing with this kind of electronics, I had to try and breakdown the electronics diagram that was provided as part of this article.

Thank you in advance!

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What is a "GX16"?

Would it not be helpful to provide a link to the project, for some context? Also, there isn't enough detail to "check over". What you really need to do, both for your own sake and anybody else that you ask for help, is to make a complete and accurate schematic like the "black image". Basically, you have taken a good schematic and "dumbed it down" so that it is barely readable.

One obvious mistake - count the number of connections to the optoisolator in each schematic. They are different.

Hi aarg,

Thank you for taking the time to look over my post and reply.

Let me first apologise for maybe not being so clear on my initial post. I am not overly familiar with electronics and am trying to learn, so forgive any missing details!

In answer to your first question, the GX16 I refer to is a connector.

The link to the project is as follows:;all

As I did not understand the black image schematic, I tried to understand the components and how they will be linked together. The dumbed down version was me trying to map these connections out better.

Again, I am painfully new to this, but appreciate any assistance!

Thank you in advance