GY273 - sample program does not work

I've implented the "hello world" example from the standard library.

The program is stuck at the line " mag.getEvent(&event); "

I've run an I2C scanner - the GY273 modul is recognized by my arduino.

magsensor-test.ino (4.5 KB)

Post you code in code tags.

Hi @mario123ggggggg

Looking at the I2C address (0x0D), your magnetometer breakout is using a QMC5883L rather than a HMC5883L, (despite the fact that your breakout may have HMC5883L written on it). You'll need to use a QMC5883L compatible library instead.

How to tell a fake HMC5883L.

QMC5883 library among others.

thanks for quick reply.

it is working now!

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