Halloween is approaching Can some one help me with some animatronics projects ?

So Halloween is almost here and we are doing a home haunt, I want to try to do a few animatronics projects, have all the parts and pieces , but as of yet the programming skills are still beyond my capabilities. I thought I could copy and tweak some one else's sketches but that is proving a bit difficult for me and I will soon be running out of time. So it's time to ask for help. 1> What I want to do - use an uno to control a dual relay module ( one on an MP3 shield, and the other on a synchronous motor ) 2> at the same time control a few leds 3> trigger it all with a motion sensor

I can make an arduino do any one of those things, but I can't yet make one do all three.

the other set up would be similar but either replace the synchronous motor with a servo that has a motor shield or have them both running

I have all the hardware if some one could please point me in the direction of where I might find a sketch that could accomplish that I would be so grateful. Or if some one has the patience to swap a couple of emails or posts with me and talk me through it , anything would help.

A good example of what I am trying to do is , lets say, a plastic skeleton, turns it head to the side, the eyes light up and it say's something. When some one triggers the PIR sensor.

Unless you want to pay, all the help you get here is public. That way we help the 5 other people behind you with the same problem.

"Skeleton turns its head" sounds like a servo to me. A synchronous motor doesn't sound appropriate. Unless it just turns back and forth continuously like a windscreen wiper.

"A few LEDs" raises lots of questions. Are they supposed to be bright enough to be visible outdoors in daylight? Do they have to dim so that they're still viewable at night? What do you want the LEDs to do? Flashing in time with music may be more difficult than you think.

I'd start from the PIR sensor. Look for sketches related to that. Get that part working reliably first. Along the way, do the mechanical build on the skeleton. Adding the servo function as an output should not be hard.

Also grab an MP3 shield to play sounds.

I'm trying to keep it pretty simple, the LEDs are just have to come on and turn off with the whole unit,, ie... pir triggers, servo turns the head and the eyes light up and the mp3 player turns on all at one time, or close enough to it then a few seconds later tall turns off, will probably require the head to return to the starting position. it will be fairly dark so no need for super bright LEDs, maybe two in each eye. I am waiting for the PIRs to get delivered, so I was working on the rest of the sketch just using a push button trigger thinking I could swap the code for the PIR later. Unfortunately when I get to states and if's and else's I am completely lost at the moment., I wouldn't even be opposed to paying some one to write a sketch for me , because I could dissect it afterwards , but I have no clue what some one would charge for that The same program will work on just about all of my planned projects with a few small mods. After I wrote this first post I found the post with the sketch parts for the runmanythings ? I think that was the name of it, I am going to start going through it this week end and see if that helps me out some. My brain has gone bye bye for the evening, if I read another tech write up or watch another how too video my girlfriend will have to start watching DIY brain surgery vids on youtube.