i am getting little info i will give a much more detailed post as i have been informed that i need to define my terms

Hamduino project description- ham is a term that refers to amateur radio operating i am looking to both transmit and receive over the radio freq, reserved for amateur operators world wide. this will allow us to both track location using APRS as well as transmit data packages back and forth as needed I am designing a High Altitude balloon payload to do a round the world trip based on the back of the Arduino. I have designed and tested the data logging payload, and even though it takes more before it is perfected the concept has been proven enough to move forward. and start researching the rest of the light weight, cost efficient system.

what i have done thus far: taken most of my physics electronics classes Studied up for my amatuer test reading the whole book. Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE used google

Does anybody have any tips or tricks to where else i could start looking into finding this project Note: am posting this to some amateur radio forums as well. Its not that i can't build it from scratch but that seems overly time consuming

Don’t have any info on any Hamduino Transmitter and since you haven’t provided any I don’t know how we are supposed to help you.

Hi, great project for arduino. Google this ham radio arduino balloon

It has been done many times, they will give you ideas as to traps for first timers. I hate to criticise, but be very wary of Instructibles projects, a lot of people trying to make them work end up here because they don't.

Tom...... :)

TY tom, after adding the word balloon to my search I started finding better phrases on forums and after several forum to search cycles i came acrost trackuino http://www.trackuino.org/2011/07/trackuino-shield.html

im not sure yet if a digital signal can be created, however i am thinking that: with the trackuino build, the Adafruit SD shield, and some sparkfun components (that we are currently testing) along with vernier adapters to go from our preexisting labquest to a cheaper, through away system we will be able to replace almost 10 lbs of payload with under 5 as well as cutting the cost of the payload from several thousand to several hundred. If you want to be kept in the loop feel free to send me a PM and ill give you some contact info.

note: anybody with further tips, tricks or ideas please post. help is always welcome

Here are some Arduino / AVR links related to Ham radio / APRS / TNC / AX.25 stuff :-

Some projects are not updated or seems dated ...

BeRTOS examples with APRS :- http://www.bertos.org/use/examples-projects/arduino-aprs

The below three are based on the codes from BeRTOS ... AFSK 1200 modem http://unsigned.io/?p=77

AX.25 Packet Modem http://slepp.ca/projects/ax25-modem/

Arduino KISS TNC https://sites.google.com/site/ki4mcw/Home/arduino-tnc

extdigi, an APRS Digipeater for Arduino http://extradio.sourceforge.net/extdigi.html

I'm getting the parts to build the AFSK 1200 modem mentioned above..

Stanley ( 9W2SVT )

This seems like a cool idea, however I am wanting to totally replace the radio to reduce weight and cost.

I found this Friendcom radio 5W ( http://friendcom.en.alibaba.com/product/576030542-209713635/RF_Transceiver_Wireless_Data_Radio_FC_301_D.html) ,

They cost like US$135 per piece .. excluding shipping ... so they are definitely not cheap ..

This is a working APRS implementation done on Arduino/atmega328 or Microduino


Hey guys, I know this is a really old thread but I’m giving it a bump anyway in hopes that the OP might have an update on this. I’m doing a lot of searching around right now too to see what I can get figured out for something similar. To start out, I would like to just build a basic APRS tracking module that can radio back GPS position to my APRS iGate / Digi at home, which will then pass the data back to APRS-IS so I can see the module’s path on APRS.FI, anyway, some of the things I’m finding seem like they would be great pieces to what I want to accomplish. The problem seems to be that once somebody figures out how to do this, they compile to a .HEX file and no longer have their sketches up anywhere. I have found a sketch and some instructions for getting an arduino board to talk to a GPS module, so that’s a good start. The part I’m having trouble with is the radio side, actually getting the data transmitted.

Obviously, if you’re going to do this, you will need a radio to transmit the data and a terminal node controller to format said data properly. Two options come to mind for the radio. You can pick up a cheap handheld for around $25 - $30 and interface it to the arduino, or you can go over to radiometrix and pick up whichever of their software defined radios best suits your needs.

So what specifically I am looking for right at the moment is the actual sketch that will have the arduino forming the APRS packet string and sending it to the radio. I need a sketch that will make the arduino into a TNC. I understand there are some components that need to be between the arduino and the radio and have that part worked out, it’s just some resistors, capacitors and a transistor. Does anybody know of a sketch anywhere that will do this though?

To keep the code basic, lets assume for now that it will transmit callsign, six digit grid square, APRS icon, and a text string. Just like you would do in APRX as your beacon string. Assume for now that the electrical connections to a radio have already been made, and we just want to send a data signal out through the microphone connection of that radio. Even if all that string says is " Testing." I can figure out the rest from there.