Hand held push button arduino compatible

Hello everyone,
I am writing you to ask you for a technical suggestion.
I am looking for a handheld pushbutton Arduino compatible but it seems quite difficult to finds those with 5V voltage requirements.
I am sharing two links to show you the dimensions/design I would need for my project:

Is there an easy way to adapt these buttons to allow you to use them with Arduino? I would need to save in Arduino all the times that the user presses the button.
If I power the button with an external power supply, and control if it is pressed or not with an Arduino digital pin, would it work?

Thanks for your help and clarification!

Why make things complicated ?

Both devices look like they are basically a normally open switch which could be used just like any other switch connected between an Arduino pin and GND and whose state could be read as normal

From the link:

Button is normally-open (contacts close when button is pressed)

Just a pushbutton, however nice it is, and can be used as @UKHeliBob says, there is nothing to power…

I would use an external pullup resistor, 4K7 just because I have a bunch of those and have never liked using the internal pull-ups. Opinions vary.

It is just a pushbutton in a nice mechanical concept. If N of them bust your budget, you could make your own easily enough.

I’m not crazy about the phono jack/plug connector choice, but it does make things neat. RCA phono jacks, well I was gonna say get them at Radio Shack, but anyway, they are cheap and can be found.

Jeopardy style recognition and lockout is a whole subject unto itself… but should just be code in the end.


Wired to ground with a pullup Is the better way to wire a switch. If the switch is at the end of a long wire, a 0.1uF cap can help with noise and add some debounce.

Use the state change detection method to detect when the switch becomes pressed or unpressed. Here for active low switch.

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