harbor freight 433mhz PIR decoding

Hey there, I'm able to run the rc-switch 433mhz sketch on the arduino and it works for most 433mhz switches i have but not this Bunker hill 433mhz PIR driveway alarm sensor i have.

From what i've been reading, previous versions of this pir sensor used a standard pt2262 encoder but the newer one i have does not, it has a six pin sanded off ic and the receiver has an 8pin sanded off decoder ic. I'm trying to get it to work with the rc-switch library, I'm guessing the library might need to be modified a bit?

I verified it was operating at 433.89mhz which is in the range of the receiver I'm using, in fact i desoldered the srx882 from the original receiver and just used it as it came with a nice antenna.

I recorded and attached the sample of it being received with sdrsharp and my rtl-sdr receiver.
I also have the recorded baseband files if needed, theyre larger so i can put them on google drive

any help in decoding it or modifying the rc-switch library would be helpful

SDRSharp_20170117_204855Z_433887500Hz_AF.zip (256 KB)

The transmisson protocol looks to be very simple, like a common IR signal. I did not check whether it is consistent with the PT2262 protocol, but in general I have found the approach outlined here to be very useful.

Good tutorial, I used it to help figure out the wav in binary to be something like:


although i haven't found any resources that describe an 18bit format like that.
I've also read that sometimes the highs and lows can be inverted so the above bits could be backwards.

the wav i attached shows it basically repeats the same pattern until the last segment where there's an extra zero or so it appears?

I'm trying to figure out how to use it with the rcswitch library, maybe creating a new protocol?

Since there is only one signal, all you have to do is recognize it in some unique way.
Write code that times the lengths and gaps between first few pulses, and if those are approximately correct, call it good.

One of the "IR remote" libraries would work for sure.

I'll try to find a good ir receiving library for it. I was hoping to use rcswitch because i have 6 other different devices that work with it that will be used in the same sketch.