have a problems uploading the program to arduino pro mini 5v

i have a problems uploading the program to arduino pro mini 5v

Board : Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 5V/16MHz
module USB to TTL : CP2102

connect port

This problems

Clicked the links to expect a picture of the setup... Is it a random Pro Mini photo...

So yeay, unless you give us some details it's hard to tell. Do you get an error for starters?

If you actually dig through his post and go to the URL he provides for the images (which is not a direct link to the image, hence why they don't display), and wait for the worlds slowest picture hosting site to finally load the picture, a minute or so after it loads the advertisements, you'll see he's getting out of sync resp 0xaa.

Out of sync, with a response that isn't 0x00, and isn't different each line, often indicates that it's trying to upload at a different speed than the board is trying to talk at (because the bootloader on it isn't the one the IDE is expecting)

Try telling the IDE that it's an Uno - many people bootload anything with a '328p chip as an Uno, since the Uno bootloader is strictly better. I've gotten a couple of pro mini's that had optiboot on them out of the box (which as far as I'm concerned is a good thing, since it saved me a step).


OH! I see (second pic finally loaded) - that serial adapter won't work. You need a serial adapter that breaks out the DTR pin. Without that pin connected, it can't autoreset the board and the bootloader won't run. You need to get a serial adapter that has the DTR pin available.

Wait, you say there is more then one image in that link? :o Yeay, it loaded very very very very slow (but yeay, you get spoiled if you can download with 50MB/s...) But When it's done all I have is a non scrollable page with some ads at the top, a nice square with a random Pro Mini photo, more ads and then the page end/copyright... Where's the second pic??? Or I'm I that stupid ;D

But if the serial adapter has not broken out the DTR you need to reset the device yourself. Just press and hold the reset button before you click upload. And release it the moment the IDE changes from "Compiling sketch..." to "Uploading sketch...".

Yeay, you get annoyed pretty fast but it works. If you want you can make you're own cable with DTR, the CP2102 chip had it (pin 28 if i'm correct). Have done that with my Prolific and CH340 adapters. Just remove the header that's on there, connect a cable with 6 (or more, like a ribbon cable) wires and connect one to the DTR pin of the chip. (I lifted the pin op the PCB, soldered the wire and fixed it with some hot glue.) Connect a nice 6-pin female dupond header and you're the man :slight_smile: