Have stepper motor looking for tracks, gears, etc

Hey guys,

Sorry if this post is a little vague but I'm not sure where to find what I am looking for. I have a few stepper motors (from sparkfun) and am looking for tracks, gears, belts, etc to use with it to make automate some movement with my arduino. Is there kits or a company that makes "standardized" parts I can mix and match with for experimenting? It will all be small scale, I'm looking to make the stepper drive something no more than 2' down a track with reasonable precision. Any link or help appreciated!

There are several sources of toothed belts and pulleys for RepRap and other 3D printers available
easily (eBay for instance). 5mm and 2.5mm pitch belts are both in common use, and they will be
normally to fit 5mm shaft (NEMA17 stepper motors). Search terms "timing belt" "reprap" etc.

These look great! It looks like from this the best idea may be to build one of the reprap machines and make the parts i'm looking for rather than search endlessly for them. Time to start saving up!