Having problems with nano data logging shield deek-robot id 8105

I bought three nano data logging to develop my university project, i thougt it was plug and play but Im having some problems using the uSD reader.
I have tried many diferents SD cards and i couldnt make it work, the closest that I reached was this message at the Serial Monitor

Initializing SD card...Wiring is correct and a card is present.

Card type: SD2
Could not find FAT16/FAT32 partition.
Make sure you've formatted the card

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Use SD Card Memory Formatter to format your uSD card. SD Memory Card Formatter | SD Association


I already did this and it didnt work

There are already several threads about your module.
Google for them and see which one if any works for you.


I already searched a lot but i couldnt find any answer that help me with this problem
Could you send me some links please?

All I did was go to Google and input nano data logging shield deek-robot id 8105. Pretty sure you can do that on your own.


I already dos this, after searching a lot and none of them helping me I decided to create a Topic here, so if tou could help me, please help me
I think that there is something about the uSD card that im using, i dont know im just guessing

I have a useful update:
So it turns out it is all down to the sdfat library.
I reverse engineered the PCB and found that the D12 pin is directly connected to the SD card's output. This is unlike how one of my (working) SDcard module does it.
This direct connection is the root cause.

The PCB has a level shifter IC 74125 to convert between Nano and SD card voltage levels. However this is only done for 3 inputs (data-in, chip-select, clock), and not for data out.

The software I used was the latest and greatest version of SDFat by Bill Greiman (2.2.0). That did not work. So I went to check when the manufacturer wrote the example code...

As expected, it used a prehistoric version of the SDFat library. So I rolled back the version below 2.0 and ever since it works. I don't exactly know what change caused the issue but there must be a change in the way how the library detects a signal on the D12 pin. Before V2.0 a weak signal was sufficient, but now it should go through the level shifter.

BTW the level shifter has 4 gates but only 3 used sensibly, so one could intercept the D12 line and rewire the PCB to utilize the 4th gate.

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I had the same problem with the board. Pcb defect. There is no connection between GND Nano and GND SD card. I connected the GND Nano and the GND of battery.

Wrong PCB

Good PCB