HDLC Library For Arduino Uno

Dear Community Members,

I want to use HDLC library to send and receive data from one Arduino to another Arduino without any Qt or any other GUI just through serial. I have already referred to a few Github library like below one, but not sure how to use Arduinutil which author mentioned in his libraries. Please guide me on how to do this.

Looking forward to hearing responses from community members.

Sahil Saini

Arduinutil is an Arduino-like library written in C. This library will help you create your microcontroller project with any IDE and use the awesome Arduino syntax. The Arduinutil library is intended to be easy to read, understand and hack. Just drag and drop the library into your project, remove the unnecessary ports and add the include paths.

You can use Arduinutil both for closed- and open-source projects. You are also free to keep changes to this library to yourself. However we'll enjoy your improvements and suggestions. :slight_smile:

You are free to copy, modify, and distribute Arduinutil with attribution under the terms of the Apache License Version 2.0. See the doc/LICENSE file for details.

It seems to be a support library, which was not well accepted by the community, not much on Google, and no one has registered any manifestation of issue. It looks like a project dead 2 years ago.

Thanks, rtek1000 for information. Is there any way to check the HDLC library project which author provided.

Thanks & Regards
Sahil Saini