Heart Rate Application using Arduino = Android

Hello you guys

so i am doing this project of a wearable device to check the heart rate and send the data to an android phone so the patent will be able to walk around and check the heartRate in realtime

my application side will consist of the following:

FireBase to store patent info and the heartRate so he/she can mentor it well and would be able to look at records (last week, last month, two days ago ,etc)

fireBase will also contain the heartRate that get from the wearable via Bluetooth HC-05

for my hardware side:

1-Arduino LilyPad ( cause it is small and light weight )
2-MAX30102 Sensor Optical Heart-Rate Monitor Module for Arduino (cause it is like the one used in smart watches and it is digital)
3-Bluetooth HC-05 to send the data of the heartRate from Arduino to the Android phone
4-Lipo Battery for RC Molex 51005 3.7V 160mAh (to power everything and it is wearable)

i am beginner of building such a project but i guess i am getting it together 'hopefully' just want to make sure that i am in the right truck cause i am ordering the optical heartRate and battery internationally from Amazon or Ebuy so i do not wate my time and money of not getting the right stuff

please feel free to suggest, comment and share your thought

that is why i am posting it to get guidance

thank you in advance

As you gain experience, you may decide that you made some incorrect choices.

That is part of the learning process, and the new knowledge and skill gained is easily worth the expense.

You are totally right, but as i’m doing this project, it is also must be submitted for one of my classes

Wise students report the mistakes made in the process, along with suggested corrective action.

as i am going through my options wisely, i will change to Arduino -nano to hold all the components

other than that i am doing well in terms of sending data to Android via bluetooth and budding the app itself