Help about arduino & shields interoperability

Hi everybody,
I'm new to this forum and also to Arduino!

I'm trying to know if i can use an Arduino (and which one) with any shields togheter.

I need this shields to operate togheter with arduino:

  • (Arduino: which one?)
  • wi-fi shield
  • LCD display with any control buttons (at least 4 buttons)
  • one themperature sensor
  • two relays

Is possible to made up a system with all of this components? If it's possble, can you suggest me where can i find this component with its own libraries?

Thank you a lot!

This will cost you alot. But most (if not all) shields come with stackable headers. Basically, you can stack multiple shields on top of your arduino:

You will need to find if the shields use signals that you'll need to control the other shields. :\

I think all the shields are normally made to be used with the 2009 or Uno boards.

Go to and start looking for the shields you need, when found see if the pins clash.


You mean this.

Oops, sorry. Yes that's the one.