Help changing an existing project form the Hub for my project

I am currently trying to find a way for an ESP8266 mini board to be automatically powered by either a battery or a solar panel.

I found this...

and it ticked all the "boxes" that I was after for this project (the battery side) but I have one issue with it...

It is based off of a 6V solar panel but what I will be using was measured as a 12.5V solar panel.

can someone help me in how I should make it possible as the solar panel was from an old kit.

and if possible is there a way It could "split" the solar output between the board and charging the battery (when it needs to top up) at the same time?


Use a buck converter!

What is a "buck converter"?

I just looked it up, it was a little confusing due to the fact that (from my knowledge and understanding) a "buck converter" is also known as a DC-DC converter that can manipulate the voltage. Thanks.

That's right. And you could say indeed that it 'manipulates' voltage, i.e. it converts is.
What's the confusing part exactly?

It was mainly due to what you called it. I am also trying to have an/multiple LED indicates on...

a: checking the status of the power supply LED.
b: check the status of the solar panel. i.e. is the solar panel powering the board or is the battery?

Ok, so a DC-DC converter is often called a buck converter, especially if it's a step-down converter. A buck converter topology can also be used to generate a higher output voltage from a lower DC input, and then we generally call it a boost converter or a buck-boost converter.

That's nice.

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