Help - Elechouse NFC/RFID PN532 V3 shield - "Didn't find PN53x board"

Hello all,

Please help me with my new Elechouse NFC/RFID PN532 V3 shield.

I have an Uno and I can’t get the reader to be recognized by the pc nor read any tag i put near the NFC reader!

The message i get from the serial monitor is: (picture attached)

Didn’t find PN53x board”

I have the 4 wires connected as in the pictures i attached.

The NFC shield is this one:

PN532 NFC RFID module V3 kits -- NFC with Android phone [WIRELESS-NFC-PN532] - $13.90 : Elechouse, Arduino Play House

My libraries are from here:

GitHub - elechouse/PN532: NFC library for Arduino using PN532

Please help me! Thx!

I have an Uno and I can't get the reader to be recognized by the pc

Why should the PC recognize the NFC shield that is connected to some other piece of hardware?

The pictures indicate that you haven't actually connected the device to the Arduino. How can you expect the Arduino to recognize the card (which is NOT a shield) when you haven't connected it?

I thought it was clear that the Arduino Uno is connected through USB to the computer.

I still can't get the NFC to read any tag.. help!

How have you got the DIP switches on the sensor board set ? It is difficult to see in your photograph.

on - 0.
ke - 2.

I would like help from someone who encountered the same issue, or has the exact same setup as me. I dont see why there should be a problem.

all the lights turn on on the NFC shield - so why doesn’t it read?

You have already does it work?

You have already does it work?