Help in reading values from a Nano BLE 33 sense to Nano 33 IoT

Hello, I am trying to transfer data from a BLE 33 Sense (BLE peripheral, let's call it TX board) to a BLE 33 IoT (Central, let's call it RX board).
Particularly I am using a simple variable for float (axis X of 33 Sense gyroscope), on ArduinoBLE.h library type is BLEFloatCharacteristics

I am quite sure that:

  • TX and RX are connected;
  • TX is sending data
  • RX identifies the specific charateristic
    but I cannot print received value on Serial, since I have or NULL or 0 value printed, or conversion issues and errors.

Below there is the CENTRAL (RX) part of code not working and I can't resolve.

// retrieve the GYRO characteristic
if(DEBUG){Serial.println("DEBUG retrieve the GYRO characteristic");}
BLECharacteristic gyro_ch_x = peripheral.characteristic("ce7b9417-7860-42d0-87b5-9e35ec8dd241");

if (!gyro_ch_x)
if(DEBUG){Serial.println("DEBUG gyro_ch_x ESISTE");}
Serial.println("Peripheral does not have gyro_ch_x characteristic!");
// COMMENT: this message has never been printed out, so I am quite sure gyro_ch_x is detected!

// while the peripheral is connection
//Serial.println("GyroX=" + gyro_ch_x.value());

At the end I have null value; I tried also to cast gyro_ch_x in a float variable, but it seems it always a BYTE variable with 0 value.

I'm not an experienced programmer, anyway I didn't find in any forum or documentation full example of such code apart from simple int or boolean variable.
I need a float value.

May anyone help me?
Thanks in advance!


Thanks Nick for your help.
Anyway, it seems to be not enough for me and my problem…
Any other help?

For anyone interested
At the end of several exercises, I found that, in ArduinoBLE.h library, function:
does work with a long variable - it works! I transferred long values from one TX to RX!
does NOT work with a float variable, I have error in Compile phase: "no matching function for call to 'readValue(float&)'
unfortunately this is not specified on library documentation
so I will find a way to transform float into long


Your issue may have something to do with unsigned data type versus signed.

Anyway, there is a data type conversion routine used in BLE Thermometers, which works. IEEE 11073 float. You could try that.

I had created an example using this conversion format here (this library had come from Adafruit):

More on the conversion technique here:

Hope that helps you.