Help me please selecting the correct motor

I am currently driving a (small) conveyor belt with a modified 5V servo for continuous rotation:

This works fine. The load isn't heavy BTW, the belt runs empty most of the time. However, after 10-15 mins the servo runs hot and starts to smoke. Probably a modified servo cannot run continuously for a long time? Or did I simply have a bad servo?

So what should I do now?

Use a stepper motor like this one?

Or a gear motor?

Or something else (not too expensive and using 5V)?

If the only problem with the servo is overheating I reckon a geared motor would be the simplest option. In effect that’s what a continuous rotation servo is.

I would only choose a stepper motor if I needed the precise positioning you can get by counting the steps.

DO NOT draw the power for any motor from the Arduino 5v pin.